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I am so blessed to have friends like Mike Sampson and Gordan Oliphant that are assisting me in making so much new music coming this year and I want to share it all with you. This year I'm offering an optional subscription service and here's what you get:

All the music I make this year and all my back catalog releases
An autographed copy of the new CD as soon as it's printed
Exclusive tracks ("subscriber only" releases) from my new songwriting projects
20% discount on all my merch on Bandcamp, now and in the future
Unlimited streaming of all the newly listed music to your mobile device. YA!
PLUS! Sign up before May 1 and I will send you a pre-release album version of the song
"Pussy Whipped Man," Winning song in the Studio1 song writing contest.

And the most important thing of all, the satisfaction of knowing you are "directly" supporting the
music I make. You my friend are making it possible for me to keep creating and to continue
releasing studio quality material each year.

I know you are buried by emails and funding requests and in this way I can stay more
in touch with those of you who connect with my music. Get all the new music I release, plus 4 items from my back-catalog, subscriber-only specials, and exclusive access to my fan community. More info? See below.

Much Love and Respect
Jim Moffatt

What you get:

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Jim Moffatt
Victoria, British Columbia
"Why do I do this?” In the simplest terms it’s "I write, therefore I am." Corny, sure, but I actually hear myself thinking in song. Everything from the mundane to the serious... in my minds "ear" I hear melody lines and music when I am pondering .
Does that make me nuts? Maybe. Some of the songs that play in my head I am driven to share, to experience them with others. I am a song writer.

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